It’s hard being progressive when the “ra-ra, go get ’em” voices are loudest. What with the first Israelirefusenik calling his countrymen to question the effectiveness of prolonged engagement, it shouldn’t be beyond American Jewry to express our qualms with President Bush’s lethargy in reigning in both sides.
From the largest Jewish pro-Israel, pro-peace lobby in America:

Please tell President Bush and Congress that substantive US diplomatic intervention is needed immediately to achieve a ceasefire and the release of Israeli soldiers in the ongoing Mideast crisis…
We welcome the recent statement by the G8 Summit of global leaders that declares their united determination to restore peace to the region, calls for an immediate halt to attacks against Israel, urges Israeli restraint as it exercises its rights to defend itself, and supports exploring the option of an international security/monitoring force.
We call on the US and the international community to work together in pursuing all possible diplomatic means to facilitate a ceasefire and the release of Israeli soldiers.

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For those in Jew York, attend our “Israel Therapy” chapter-wide meeting to discuss recent events and share your thoughts, hopes, fears and possible actions.