The Jerusalem Post reports today of a kiddush Hashem being done in Tel ha’Shomer at Sheba Hospital:

Lebanese children and adults wounded in the Hizbullah-Israeli crossfire in Lebanon have been invited to receive free treatment at Sheba Medical Center at Tel Hashomer. The cost will be paid by Jewish and non-Jewish donors in Israel and abroad, hospital director-general Prof. Zev Rothstein said on Sunday.

CNN (I watched on the video feeds at CNN Pipeline) reported about IDF soldiers who transferred an injured 47-year-old Lebanese woman from Maroun al-Ras to a waiting MDA ambulance after she was critically injured in the intense crossfire there. She was transferred to Ziv Hospital in Tzfat.
Now we have an entire hospital pledging free care to Lebanese victims.

“We are not to blame for this war. We don’t ask who is to blame,” said Rothstein. “We have an open Jewish heart. Our aim is to save lives and reduce misery. We don’t hate like the terrorists,” he added.
“It is better for a Lebanese family to hear that Israelis saved their lives rather than for them to teach their children that they should kill Israelis. Our humanitarian care shows the difference between us and them.”
Humanitarian treatment for Lebanese victims of the war will not come at the expense of Israeli patients, said the hospital director-general. “Israelis gain by the fact that we have experience treating patients from around the world and the region with all kinds of conditions. We have extra beds, including in intensive care and rehabilitation.”

Well that’s just great. But what about after they get better? These people are homeless and starving! What about their other needs?

“We have housing for Lebanese families and food at no cost.”

Impressive and refreshing to hear. A beautiful way to be a light to the world.
A huge yasher koach to them. Chazak u’baruch.