Blogger Joseph Cannon loosely associates some common threads between the Bush family and some wealthy Lebanese drug smugglers, including one who thinks George W. Bush is the second coming of Christ.

Back in 1982, the Smatt clan — a wealthy Lebanese family operating in Florida and Jamaica — became the target of an investigation (“Operation Nimbus”) by FBI agent Darlene Novinger, who claimed that evidence linked the clan with drug smuggling. Novinger (who died of cancer in 2003) also believed that “Poppy” Bush and Jeb Bush were involved.

After submitting her report, orders came to cease the investigation and destroy all documents. She said someone in the FBI’s Miami office leaked to the traffickers that she had penetrated the operation. Before Operation Nimbus was shut down, veteran US Customs investigator Joe Price filed corroborating reports in September 1983 implicating Bush. And after he did, FBI agents arrested him on a narcotics trafficking charge.

The Smatts, led by paterfamilias William Smatt, were linked to the quasi-fascist Lebanese Phalange — more properly called the Kataeb Social Democratic Party — founded by the Gemayel family. The Gemayels have long been accused of running the opium production trade which one thrived in the Bakaa valley.
Even though the Gemayels admired Hitler, Israel had supported the ascension of Bashir Gemayel to the Lebanese presidency in 1982, due to his staunch opposition to the Palestinians and Syria. A pro-Nazi Syrian faction assassinated him soon therafter. Nobody ever said that fascists always get along with each other.
(Alternative theorists suspect that Israel arranged the Gemayel killing because he refused to enter into a formal agreement with the Israelis.)
The William Smatt targeted by Novinger appears to be the same person who wrote a strange book called “The Messiah.” This tome proclaims George W. Bush, Republican, to be the Chosen One, the new Christ. I’m not kidding. You must see it to believe it.