… until the National Havurah Committee’s Summer Institute has begun. After a harrowing week with some great bright spots, Rooftopper Rav, BZ, Knucklehead and myself are up here at Franklin Pierce College from some pre-Institute shabbas. While we await the arrival of 300 of our close friends, we’re relaxing, going over details, napping, taking it all in.
I’ll be part of the crew of Jewschool live-bloggers, bringing details from many of the great events, as well as the two awesome classes I’m taking: Jewish Poetry Workshop with Phillip Terman, and Jewish Ethics in an Age of Global Commerce and Conflict with Brent Spodek. Also helping put together a coffee house, an open room poetry reading, and a klezmer jam.
Not only that, the NY Times covered VULGAR BULGARS are performing saturday night.
Have a change of heart? Want to be in the middle of nowhere with BZ, Rooftopper Rav, KungfuJew, Shamirpower, ChorusofApes, ZT and a whole slew of other great folks? You may still be able to register! Email [email protected] and check it out.
If you’re not going to make the institute, go to CT and help Ned Lamont instead. I’m just sayin.