This feels kind of thinly veiled to me. Especially with lines like this:
“Whilst Aipac is the largest pro-Israel group in America, there are many other organisations representing Jewish interests in the US – interests that often coincide with those of Israel.”
I can also give my last 8 years working on and off in publishing, that this thing reads like it’s been to the chopping block more than a few times. It’s got that stiff feel to it.
BBC loves us. It is, after all, at at least as fair and balanced as, say, American television. Especially given that it is a government chartered organization, and thus completely bias free.
The article’s title, btw, which is listed under ‘Don’t Miss’ on the BBC homepage, is ‘In Israel’s corner: Both Christians and Jews influence US support for Israel’, which I found both sensitive and subtle.
What I’d like to know is… who influences UK policy then?