In Newsweek, Rabbi Marc Gellman pulls a Mel Gibson and blames the Jews for Joe Lieberman’s recent loss in the Connecticut Democratic primary. Some highlights:

Joe…He lost because Barbra Streisand’s highly publicized contribution to Lamont and because of the number of Jews who hated Bush and the war more than they loved Joe. […] My disappointment is with my people. I simply do not understand why so many Jews bailed on Joe. I cannot understand why Joe’s percentage of the Jewish vote was not in the high 90s instead of the 54-57 percent range (according to Lieberman’s campaign). I have opinions on way too many things I don’t know nearly enough about, but I know about Jews. I am a professional Jew, and yet if you asked me to explain why Jews did not vote for Joe the way blacks voted for Barack Obama or Catholics voted for John F. Kennedy I would not know what to tell you. […] (Lieberman’s loss) …ought to be a huge embarrassment to all card-carrying Jews whether they agreed with Joe or not.

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