Among the responses to our call to provide joint-relief to both Israelis and Lebanese ill-effected by the war up north, one included the forwarding of an article in today’s NY Times, “Hezbollah Leads Work to Rebuild, Gaining Stature.”

As stunned Lebanese returned Tuesday over broken roads to shattered apartments in the south, it increasingly seemed that the beneficiary of the destruction was most likely to be Hezbollah.
A major reason — in addition to its hard-won reputation as the only Arab force that fought Israel to a standstill — is that it is already dominating the efforts to rebuild with a torrent of money from oil-rich Iran.
[…] “Completing the victory,” said [Hezbollah leader Sheikh Hassan Nasrallah], “can come with reconstruction.”

Though I will not speak for my friends with whom I am leading this project, I, for one, am not deterred from my wish to provide support to Lebanese civilians. Quite the contrary, in fact.
Though my compassion for those suffering in Lebanon, Israel, and elsewhere, is my primary motivation in this cause, as a resident of Israel it must be noted that, by failing to take a visible, leading role in the reconstruction of Lebanon, Israel and its supporters are delivering a post-war victory to Hezbollah by leaving Hezbollah itself to lead reconstruction efforts, thus placing the Lebanese further in its debt.
Whereas Hezbollah, as a minority faction in Lebanon, was a perceptibly manageable threat, Israel and its supporters must act now before Hezbollah ascends higher than has already been caused by this war, and Israel finds itself bordered by a popular regime wholly committed to its destruction.
Cut Hezbollah off at the pass — support alternative relief efforts in Lebanon now!