You don’t want the respect of an alleged rapist anyhow.
Haaretz reports:

Police on Monday night seized computers and documents in a raid on the President’s Residence in Jerusalem, it emerged Tuesday. Among the computers taken in the raid was a computer from the president’s office.
The raid is part of an investigation into claims by a former employee that the president coerced her into sexual relations with him.
Katsav, who has denied wrongdoing, is facing possible rape charges as a result of the complaint.
[…] Law enforcement officials said Thursday that if the former employee’s claims that she was powerless in turning away Katsav’s advances are deemed credible, the investigation would then focus on possible rape charges against the president.
By law, intimate relations with a woman who is precluded from providing full consent by her own volition is considered rape. If, however, investigators find the relations were consensual, police could recommend charging Katsav with “forbidden consensual intercourse,” a statute which forbids exploiting a position of authority in the workplace for the purposes of having sex.

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