Dear Friends of the Resistance to the Occupation,
As some of you may be aware, Jews willing to take a group nap simulate death are bravely demonstrating against the Israeli occupation, risking nothing having their names put on list or something.
However, while we applaud these efforts, we feel compelled to note that we believe that they don’t go far enough.
Zionist oppression did not begin “58 years” ago with the nod of the U.S., as the apologist Jews of Conscience are claiming.
Zionist oppression began thousands of years ago, and expanded dramatically under the white male capitalist regimes of Kings Saul, David, and Solomon, who disenfranchised many indigenous gods.  These Zionist leaders changed everything, and exacerbated discord.  It was tragically much like today’s situation. Even after the land was liberated by the environmentally responsible Chaldeans, Zionist oppression was enabled to reorganize under Persia, for whom the second Zionist Entity was a client state (sound familiar?!?).  Attempts by the Greeks at instituting a multi-cultural curriculum were met with massive hate crimes by the Zionists, who after victory resumed gross violations of animal rights in their capital. 
Eventually, the Romans defeated the Zionists, although the bosses inspired dreadful anti-Union outbreaks to stop government regulated public works programs, which cost many Roman lives.
Despite their ostensible acceptance of “exile,” the Zionists continued to harbor colonialist aspirations, and preached their intentions on a communal level in daily sacrificial prayers and weddings as well as with continued “pilgrimages” to The Land of the Zionists.  There is evidence that there were always Zionists in Palestine who were attempting to seize this land for their own, even if not always on a massive level, but through privatization.
This is what we are up against.
So as the true Jews of Conscience, we will not be satisfied by calling all of this land in its entirety “Palestine.”
True Jews of Conscience will not rest until the proper name, Canaan (after its real indigenous population), is restored.  
We don’t seek to criticize our fellow progressive Jews who are, it is true, attempting to address the root cause of all many problems in “the Middle East and beyond.”  But recognizing 1948 instead of 1967 as the starting point is hardly significant progress; not when the ancient history of Zionist aggression is considered in full.
Let us continue to show solidarity for anyone and everyone – except our own. Unless we can blame the United States of Aggression.  That’s better still.
Jews of Super-Conscience