Next time some right-wingnut gets all up in arms about an alleged Muslim holy man calling Jews the descendants of pigs and monkeys, just point them to the following story:

Adalah, the Legal Center for Arab Minority Rights in Israel, has approached Attorney General Menachem Mazuz Saturday evening and demanded that he launch an investigation against the haredi author of an article that refers to Arabs as “a cult of murderers, savages, and a loathsome nation whose prophet is a false prophet.”
In the article, published in the ultra-Orthodox newspaper “Hassidic World”, author Yitzhak Ben-Zvi writes that “the Arabs are a people similar to donkeys… they are a vile nation of savages… they have a great desire to murder and are even worse than the Nazi enemy.”
The article analyzes Torah rulings, and presents the alleged opinion of a Jewish scholar, who claims that “the hatred and cruelty of the Arabs, may they be damned, towards the Jews surpasses even that of the Nazis,” and that “the hatred to the Arabs should have naturally been etched in our hearts.”
Throughout the article, the writer refers to the Arabs as stupid, hypocrite, and uncivilized. in a separate clause, Ben-Zvi refers to Muhammad as a false prophet.

So much for moral highground.