Allhiphop reports that Michael “MC Serch” Berrin (a New York Jew) and Greensboro, North Carolina DJ Waleed Coyote (Lebanese/Palestinian) will collaborate on a compilation titled Peace in the Middle East, a new album made up of Arab and Jewish artists (doesn’t anyone think it’s interesting that people write ‘Arabs and Jews’ like the two are mutually exclusive?).
What I find interesting about this is that MC Serch has never been excessively expressive about his own Jewish heritage. My first recollection of him actually even discussing Judaism in a personal context was when MTV interviewed him back in the late 80s and he discussed how his rabbi told him not to hang around ‘the schvartzes’. Still, he introduced Non Phixion back on his old Serchlite imprint, and although that group dissolved, they’re membership represented to me a slept on contingent of American Jewry: urban (Christ on a crutch, I hate that term), street-wise, diverse, and unashamed of their heritage.
Mazel tov. I hope the project gets more press.