Wow, this is the third time in less than a week that the JTA is reporting on the independent minyan/havurah scene!
This time around, as a sidebar to the independent minyan article featuring the Mission Minyan, they cover the “trichitza” phenomenon and its historical origins, and they even have a shout-out to Mah Rabu’s Hilchot Pluralism series.
To clarify what I meant in my quote:
Trichitzas are groovy, but they’re not the be-all and end-all solution that will make it possible for all Jews to daven together. They don’t address the egal/non-egal question at all. But if you can decouple the issue of where people are sitting from the issues of who’s leading what / who counts in the minyan / etc., and come up with solutions to the latter issues that work for your community, then trichitzas are groovy. The “mix and match” part refers to the fact that there are minyanim with mixed seating that are entirely non-egal, minyanim with mechitzas and egalitarian Torah services, and minyanim with trichitzas and various configurations of who can lead what, etc.