JTA has quite a few posts today to continue and add to our recent thread on indie minyans and the failings of synagogues.
On synagogues who have multiple offerings. I will note that this is frequently not an option in small communities. One of the things that those of us who are committed to enlivining traditional Judaism will have to deal with is that in many communities, there simply isn’t any way to have multiple options at once – once you start splittling people up into mini-minyans, you often have barely enough to count a minyan, let alone give it the kind of energy that brings people in.
-In Boston
-In Manhattan
-On writing your own siddurim
What matters?
“Programs come and go. But experts agree that the key intangible that makes synagogue transformation possible is strong rabbinic and lay leadership — the human catalyst that links the pulpit to the congregation. ”
-Does any of this stuff actually work?