Last week I posted here about my brush with antisemitism in Greece. Since then, my personal site has gotten some interesting comments from non-Jewish Greeks. I’m sharing part of the debate here:
From “Vasilios”
It is not anti semitism so much , it is maybe however that jews tried to undermind our government someway some years that maybe the reason..Greece is a country of history and tradition. these things are important to 90 % if not all of greek people.Not to mention our close relation to palestine and syria..there a number of factors that play a role(in relation i do not mean politicallly i mean bloodline..oh did i forgot to mention lebenon…..hmmmmm maybe that alone might make most people dislike you think that a jew can go anywhere in the world he chooses and be liked ..if i go somewhere and someone doesnt like me cause of my nationality must i go back to my country and cry about it make a fuss…..Greeks were massacared by the turks for 400 years nobody bringsd it up in the usa…in world war we beat the italians and held hitler for 30 days when the us and allied troops couldnt hold them for a relatives from the 1900’s died so that your people could be free and take a country that doesnt belong to them And cause more problems … if you are disliked a little deal with it like other people of different races deal for different reasons.
From “Tramountanas”
Fortunately, not all greek people or people of Greek or whatever descent have similar views to Vasilios and if that is the prevalent attitude then another Vasili I once met who changed his name to Lucky for another reason is lucky in deed to be away from it.
Vasili, I hardly think Lilit is making a fuss about it and sure there have been all sort of persecutions of different races and religions throughout history and the world would be a far better place if people were able to appraise oneanother for who they are as a person without bias.
It is unfortunate in deed Lilit that there can be problems for Jewish people in travelling, but no doubt you will remember well the good things about your travels.
I only recently found out of my own Greek/mixed heritage, an ancestor doing a name change along the way and also feel I might as well change my name to Lucky for not having an attitude passed along to me.
Travel well.