Watch Senator George Allen (R, Virginia) flip out when a reporter asks him about his Jewish roots.
Seriously, click on the video in the article.
UPDATE: Commentators on the left and the right agree that Allen’s response was inappropriate and angry. Marc Fisher, writting in the Washington Post blog, puts it best:

Clearly, this is a touchy topic for Allen, who greeted Channel 9 reporter Peggy Fox with utter contempt and derision after she asked him to clarify his mother’s background during the debate before the Fairfax Chamber of Commerce. Fox was going after a perfectly legitimate piece of information; especially in this time of politicians touting their religious bona fides…. [The reporter] certainly got the senator riled up. His reaction was so bizarrely out of tune with the rest of the debate that listeners almost had to conclude that he was hiding something.
…Is any of this anything more than a matter of curiosity, another typical tale of reinvention in a nation of immigrants starting new lives in the New World? Well, that depends on what Allen knew and when he knew it, and whether he at any point decided that pursuing a political career in Virginia might be hindered by public attention to his Jewish roots. At the moment, there’s no evidence of any cover-up on Allen’s part–except for his hostile and juvenile response when the question was asked at the debate.
If that moment turns out to be the opening by which we learn that Allen has not been aboveboard about his background, then Fox’s question will have been no stretch at all, but a valuable window onto this very complicated senator.