Alan Dershowitz has a new book out. It’s called Preemption: A Knife That Cuts Both Ways.
Louise Christian (whose bio cites that fact that she’s sued the IDF) doesn’t like Dershowitz very much, and she uses her review of his book to say so… over and over. She says he’s a shoddy lawyer, and is “horrified” by the fact that he’d even entertain the validity of pre-emptive force. It seems that the Guardian was just looking for someone to slam Dershowitz.
Today on, Dershowitz clarifies his point of view, slams the Guardian reviewer for apparently not reading the book, and points out that the publication’s anti-Israel stance is what’s really behind the negative review of his work. He writes:

Liberalism and Zionism are not considered mutually exclusive in America. In fact, they are complementary. The prevailing view at the Guardian is to the contrary.

Amen, right?
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