The Washington Post printed the transcript of the speech given by Iranian President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad at his news conference following his speech to the UN General Assembly.
Contained in it is this little vignette about Israel The “Zionist Entity”:

So how can the followers of Moses possibly destroy the homes of people over their heads in their homeland to take, and to kill, actually, an infant that is feeding in the arms of a mother?
These Zionists, I want to tell you, are not Jews. That’s the biggest deception we’ve ever faced.
Zionists are Zionists, period. They are not Jews, they are not Christians, and they are not Muslims. They are a power group, a power party. And we oppose oppression and the aggression that any party that seeks pure power, raw power goes after.

Ahmadinejad is sick of being called anti-Semitic:

“There were those who had accused me of being a murderer and anti-Semitic, but I’m not an anti-Semite.”
“We love everyone in the world – Jews, Christians, Muslims, non-Muslims, non-Jews, non-Christians.”

One, perhaps positive, outcome of statements like this is that calling the blurring of “Zionist” and “Jew” the “biggest deception…ever faced” is — assuming these statements ever make it to the official Iranian News Agency — Jews in Iran (and by extension Venezuela) may find it a bit easier to live and worship freely. By wholly divorcing the word “Zionist” from “Jew” the racist element of anti-Zionist speech is somewhat abated.
Statements such as “Jews are respected” — if they get reported throughout the Arabic speaking media — now shed a new light on the entire anti-Zionism movement. Divorcing anti-Zionist rhetoric from anti-Semitic rhetoric, for instance, will mean the Aryan Nations forum may have less entrants into its “brother in Islam” category. As it is now, many white supremacist organizations consider mujahideen their “brothers”, if they have distinct enemies — one fights a genocial war, the other ideological — perhaps this will translate into the dissolution of some of the more diabolical partnerships in the anti-Semitic world.
Then again, on the other hand…there’s this.