What are the odds that three Jewish publications come out with their food issue at the same time? While “gastronomic Judaism” may once have been only a “negative characterization of minimalist Jewish identity,” these publications seem to think it’s time to bring it back in a positive light.
First up is Bnai Brith, featuring such topics such as kosher restaurant reviews (8 are outside NYC), a personal perspective on contemporary Jewish food by celebrity chef Joan Nathan, and the intersection of kosher and organic. (Eco-Kashrut also comes up in Tikkun‘s recent review of The Omnivore’s Dillemma).
Then, as some NYC partygoers experienced, is the Heeb Food Issue, their 11th issue to date. Perhaps unsurprisingly, the cover features a baby pig. Their features range from a creative non-fiction piece about something chopped liver resembles to a taste testing tour of the alphabet.
Even The Kvetcher is anticipating the new Zeek Food Issue, co-produced with Hazon. The print edition has been mailed off to its subscribers and will be available at next week’s launch event. The preview that you get today is in the form of 8-month-old Binah knawing on the page that features Mobius‘ graphic of “Kosher for Passover Country Ham.” Someone tell that baby that even fake pictures of ham still aren’t kosher!
Eat up folks.