It’s sort-of a secret (though I suppose, not any more) that in the next month, we at Jewschool are planning to roll out a new design along with some new functionality that will hopefully improve upon our site’s user-experience. At that, I’ve also cut a number of contributors from the crew and have been working with the remaining team to put together a new editorial mission which aims to improve upon the quality of contributions, both in tone and usefulness.
That said, I’d love to get some reader feedback so that we can take your thoughts into account moving into the future. So here are a few questions. If you could spare a moment to answer them, your help would be much appreciated.
1. What do you love the most about Jewschool?
2. What do you hate the most about Jewschool?
3. What kind of content would you like to see more of?
4. What kind of content would you like to see less of?
5. What functionality would you like to see added to the site that would improve your experience of Jewschool (message board, social networking, post/comment ratings, etc.)?
6. Would you be interested in contributing to Jewschool if we made it easier for people to submit their own content (pending editorial review)?
7. If Jewschool organized events (concerts, poetry readings, art exhibits, lectures) in your area, would you be inclined to attend and would you be willing to help organize such events?
8. Would you be terribly disappointed if I deleted the archives? (There are a few technical reasons why this would be beneficial.)