I received the email below from an organization, and an individual, I trust. No matter how your politics lean, it’s important to speak up against this attempt to manipulate the Jewish community for partisan ends.
And for what it’s worth, I’ve actually communicated with MoveOn.org about Jewish issues (for example, asking them to schedule alternative volunteer events during non-Shabbat time), and they’ve been nothing but accomodating and pleasant.

Dear Friends,
Opponents of MoveOn.org have launched a concerted campaign to smear the progressive online movement with false charges of antisemitism. Today, we say enough!
When the staff at MoveOn.org learned that antisemitic comments had been made on its open forum, they acted swiftly to remove the offensive remarks. The Anti-Defamation League praised their response, declaring themselves “satisfied with [MoveOn’s] responsiveness” and characterizing the matter as having been “resolved satisfactorily.”
Yet this politicization of antisemitism has continued unabated, with charges migrating from The Washington Times to the Wall Street Journal to the Jewish press, repeated ad nauseam on the internet. Join us and stand up to those elements in our country who would politicize antisemitism in service of an agenda antithetical to our community’s values.
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“As American Jews, we condemn the manipulation of fear of antisemitism for political gain, including the recent campaign against the online movement MoveOn.org. We stand for the Jewish value of placing hope over fear by expanding opportunity and creating justice for all Americans.”
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MoveOn.org is a progressive movement that represents many core Jewish values, including hope (tikvah), courage (ometz), community (kehilah), and dignity ( tzelem elohim). Many of its Jewish members and staff are undoubtedly motivated to act by their desire to repair the world (tikkun olam) through righteous action (tzedekah) and acts of loving-kindness ( gemilut hasadim).
We cannot allow these attacks to go unanswered by the Jewish community, which is rightfully concerned when charges of antisemitism are leveled but equally concerned when false accusations of antisemitism are used for partisan purposes.
Make sure your voice is heard.
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For the past two months, Jews across the country have been exposed to lies about MoveOn.org. We need your support to make sure hundreds of thousands of Jews can see the statement in advertisements placed in Jewish newspapers.
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Mik Moore
Editor, jspot.org
Jewish Funds for Justice