From Seed, Egyptian doctors are raising alarms about the longterm effects of smoking hookahs — a concern also of relevance to many Israelis and Israel travelers who so to partake in nargilah.

A hookah set complete with apple-flavored tobacco has become compulsory hand luggage for many tourists returning from a holiday in Egypt.
But as trendy hookah lounges are flourishing from Europe to California, the ‘hubbly bubbly’ addiction is also gaining ground in the homeland of shisha-smoking and causing growing concern among health officials.
“Because it goes through the water before you inhale, I think it’s better for your health than cigarettes,” said a young Dutch tourist, drawing hard on a waterpipe in Cairo’s Khan al-Khalili bazaar.
“I like it and it’s a nice object to have in your living room,” she added.
Health experts would beg to argue the waterpipe makes for a rather macabre souvenir and are trying to shatter the harmless image of a habit spreading fast among new categories of society.

According to a representative of the World Health Organization, “one hour with a shisha is equivalent to something between 100 and 200 cigarettes.”
I’m sorry, but that can’t possibly be good for you.