Here’s an interesting story I picked up from the Pride Parade Rally last week.
A couple friends of mine tried to make it to Givat Ram on Friday, but the cops wouldn’t let them. It seems their kippot aroused too much suspicion. Despite being detained, questioned, and strip-searched, these two Orthodox Jews could not be trusted. While I had no problems getting to the event, and even saw a smattering of other lidded-yids there, it hurts to hear this story. Were there others that got turned away? Even if this was an isolated incident, as is the case in racial profiling, this story tells of something very damaging.
By trying to keep one group safe from hate, it is very easy to stigmatize a different group, and transfer that hate on to them. While we might be overpowered by our garbage-burning brothers, there are a number of religious Jews who are queer friendly, and that number is growing. The only way to make sure that everyone can find a meaningful place within our religion is through intense dialogue and discussion. And, the only way that will happen, is if we all learn to see past stereotypes and generalizations.