The Voice of America reports,

Some groups contend the new U.N. Council might be even worse than the discredited Commission on Human Rights that it replaced. They say the Council has become obsessed with the Israeli-Palestinian issue to the near exclusion of the vast majority of the world’s human-rights violators.
Since the Council was inaugurated in June, it has held two special sessions dealing with the situation in the Gaza Strip and one special session on the Israeli-Hezbollah conflict in Lebanon in August.
Even U.N. Secretary-General Kofi Annan, who pushed strongly for the creation of the Council, says it should broaden its focus and look at as many situations as possible.
“Whether their meetings coincided with the Lebanese war, or not, they have tended to focus on the Palestinian issue, and of course, when you focus on the Palestinian-Israeli issue, without even discussing Darfur and other issues, some wonder what is this Council doing? Do they not have a sense of fair play? Why should they ignore other situations and focus on one area?,” Mr. Annan asked.

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