From Ilana Sichel, editor-in-fantastic at New Voices:
David Letterman loves lists. John Cusack in High Fidelity loved lists. Wayne and Garth loved lists. It’s high time that New Voices embraced the phenomenon that is the list.
We are in the planning stages of our next issue, and we want to know who makes your list. Biblical characters, politicians, contrarians, artists, musicians, theorists? Think anyone with a Jewish parents/grandparents could make the cut? Send us your names. You don’t have to be Jewish to categorize Jews.

  • Professions monopolized by Jews that DON”T inspire conspiracy theories
  • Most bizarre Jewish rituals and traditions
  • Top novels or short stories that have something to do with Jews
  • Reasons it wouldn’t be so bad to have Pagan grandkids
  • Things we wish the American Jewish community would focus energy on, besides Israel and intermarriage
  • Movies/books/TV shows you never realized till later had hidden Jewish subtexts
  • Things that are sexy about the stereotypical Jewish body
  • Kick-ass Jewish resistance fighters
  • Jews under 25 who’ve played leading roles in Jewish history
  • Famous non-Ashkenazi Jews throughout history
  • Jews from times past who talk about 21st-century worthy things, in language accessible to 21st-century ears
  • Jews who played major roles in R & B and jazz
  • Best Jewish-related spam senders and recipients (a recent one is from “Holocaust,” subject line “Perfect for Newlyweds”
  • Jews who proved that it’s possible to be Jewish and Athletic
  • Famous secular Jews (who made a point of their secular-ness)
  • Jews who tried to be goyim/would be horrified to be on this list
  • Jews we wish were goyim
  • Best Jewish blogs
  • Most neurotic Jews in show business
  • Events in Jewish history you wish you’d witnessed
  • Reasons people don’t go to Hillel
  • Reasons Hebrew school sucked
  • Israeli Names that are unfortunate to have if you live outside Israel
  • Ways Lieberman could screw over the democratic party
  • Reasons why it’s better that a Jew has never been the president of the US
  • Best Yiddish words
  • “Next Big Things” for the Jewish world (part of a Hot or Not section; what’s hip, what’s out)

Second Shameless Plug:
New Voices (subscribe for free) also wants your [read: Jewish, undergraduate-ish] ideas for articles that relate to the topics of influence, fame, popularity, and Jewishness. Tell us why this matters, or why it doesn’t. Tell us why you chose the way you did or why you excluded someone who it seemed obvious to include.
Submit it all here.