Continuing on the theme of interreligious tensions and bouts of intolerance this holiday season, CBS reports:

The flags read “welcome.” But not everyone shares that sentiment about the flags, now hanging in the hamlet of Chappaqua.
“I most certainly was warned I’d receive backlash,” said business owner Tara Caverzasi. “I did not believe it. I was a little naïve.”
Caverzasi said she was just trying to spread a little seasonal cheer, and draw shoppers to Chappaqua businesses, including her jewelry store, Desires by Mikolay.
So she spent $3,000 of her own money to buy about 50 flags from an online vendor. Each features a blue background with white snowflakes and the word “welcome” running vertically down one side.
[…] But where she sees neutrality, others see favoritism towards the Jewish faith.
Officials at the New Castle Town Hall have received about 20 phone calls and e-mail messages from residents who don’t like the flags.
They’re unhappy with the blue and white color scheme, which is commonly associated with Hanukkah and also appears on the flag of Israel. Two of the snowflakes are six-pointed Stars of David, and the flags are tapered at the bottom, making them resemble a symbol of Hanukkah, the dreidel.

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