In the course of running I run into lots of schmatte schleppers, and have lately come to know the folks at, which is a company doing “progressive eCommerce.” Think CafePress, only you can actually make some money ($6 or more per shirt). Plus they have music downloads and books you can sell.
I would encourage ya’ll who blog or run a non-profit/arts org that needs to raise cash to check out – the embedabble store widget is dope and it’s a painless way to open a storefront.
Everyone else, I want to call your attention to their last-minute Chanukah gift thingamahoo, the T-shirt Wizard. $25 gets you an eCard to send to a friend that lets your friend design a shirt herself and get it custom printed and shipped to her. I’m sold, I got two of them.
Hell, now you can all start your own Jewish tee shirt company and spell Nes Gadol Haya Sham however you want.