The LA Times‘ Joel Stein says that Jews are ready to engage in the War on Christmas. “War is a zero-sum game,” he writes, “so when Christmas is winning, Hanukkah is losing.”

You have deployed your most annoying Gentiles against us: John Gibson and Bill O’Reilly. So forget Al Franken. Once we find the alley that Pauly Shore is sleeping in, he’ll be singing the dreidel song outside your house. We’ll force storeowners to greet you with a “Happy Hanukkah” — and not the secular version but the one with the “Ch” in front and all the accompanying spittle. We’re also going to shoot you. Us Jews hear war, we take it seriously.
I realize these are difficult times. I understand the desire to declare “our” unified Christianity in public places, to fence out the Mexicans, to fight against the luxury of Muslim free speech, to pass English-only legislation. But a great nation, as our Constitution figured out, fights its populist instincts. And uses Latin to confuse its citizens.