It’s that time again! The courses have been announced for the 2007 National Havurah Committee Summer Institute (August 6-12, 2007), a week of multigenerational nondenominational Jewish learning where every teacher is a student and every student is a teacher.
Drum roll…………


  • Leah Lax [Poretsky Artist in Residence] – Memories to Memoir: Recording Jewish Spiritual Memories
  • Minna Bromberg – The Voice of Torah and the Torah of Voice: Singing as a Physical and Spiritual Practice
  • Mitch Chefitz – Progressive Kabbalah
  • Richard Friedman – Is All Fair In War?
  • Adam Gordon – The Gospels as Midrash: A Jewish Reading of the New Testament
  • Hanoch Guy – Israeli Poetry between War and Peace
  • Diane Klein – Hitbodedut: Prayer in the Breslov Tradition
  • Eleni Litt – Shiviti: Praying with Our Eyes
  • Alicia Ostriker – Us and Them: Four Texts, Multiple Interpretations
  • Dawn Rose – Founding Families Shared by Judaism and Islam: A Respectful Exploration
  • Ron Schnur – Incorporating Yiddish Language, Music, and Folkways into our Havurot
  • Jonah Steinberg – Learned of Adonai
  • Regina Sandler-Phillips – A Wheel in Spin: Tzedakah by the Numbers


  • Jesse Phillips-Fein [Poretsky Artist in Residence] – This I Believe: The Movement of Conviction
  • Sarah Chandler – “God looked into the Torah and created the world” –Bereishit (Genesis) Rabbah
  • James Diamond – Methodologies in Reading the Chumash: A Text Lab
  • Susan Gulack – Tikkun Kelalit – 10 Psalms for Healing
  • Marisa Harford – Secrets of the Matriarchs
  • Spencer Merolla – A Textual Ethics for a New Era: Constructing a Practical Sexual Ethic from Traditional Wisdom
  • Jay Michaelson – The Mystical Practice of Zohar Study
  • Linda Motzkin – Hands-On Torah
  • Michael Rosenberg and Miriam-Simma Walfish – Advanced Talmud: White Sheets and Groomsmen, or: The Wedding Night
  • Joseph G. Rosenstein – A Taste of Talmud
  • Carly Sachs – Here and Hearing: A Poetry Workshop
  • Joseph Sievers – Continuity and Change in Second Temple Judaism: Readings from the Dead Sea Scrolls
  • Pamela Wax – Making Great Your Personal Peace: Tikkun Middot (Improving Your Soul-Traits)

Special Workshop

So who’s going?