First impression upon reading this breaking story from the Jewish Telegraphic Agency: someone decided to re-release an excerpt from the Protocols of the Elders of Zion, translating into Russian, and changing some key facts.
But lamentably, this is no macabre attempt at humor, this is an official statement from a Russian legislator:

Jews are attempting to commit genocide against ethnic Russians, a Russian lawmaker claims in a recent article.
Nikolai Kolomiytsev, a former State Parliament deputy and member of the Russian Communist Party’s Central Committee, wrote the article, which was posted on the party’s Web site, according to a Jan. 18 report on
The article accuses Jews of causing unemployment and promulgating drug addiction and alcoholism in an attempt to undermine the naturally “collectivist” nature of Slavic peoples, thus hastening their extinction.

Promulgating drug addiction and alcoholism? Jews bringing down Gentile morality? This isn’t even original!
The Russian Communist Party, besides being notoriously anti-Semitic, is attempting to re-unify the former Soviet Union under a socialist banner. The party’s head, Gennady Zyuganov, plans to run for president of Russia in 2008. They got 16.75% of the vote in Moscow in 2005 — and in the arctic district of Nenetsia, they received 27% of the vote and beat Putin’s United Russia party.
They received 13.7% of the popular vote in the election which saw Vladimir Putin become the new president.
When an official party’s lawmaker says such things about Jews — and this party is getting parliamentary seats in various regions (Georgia’s region of Abhkazia also enlisted their support for its Communist Party) — and 51 out of 450 national parliamentary seats in 2003 — one can not help but notice.