There simply is no limit to Israeli ingenuity.
A hat tip to Israel @ LG for turning me on (no pun intended) to something I had never even thought of before.

Edible lampshades.

Shuli Levin’s lampshades look so good you could almost eat them. But rather than cultivate the squash-like gourds that grow outside his studio in Bnei Zion, a moshav north of Ra’anana, for food, the intrepid Israeli industrial designer transforms their fibers into hip, cutting-edge eye candy for the home.
A graduate of Tel Aviv’s Ascola School of Design, Levin launched Studio Shulime (Studio on the Fringes) in 2003, staunchly adhering to the principles of sustainable design: recycling, reuse of materials and reducing the amount of virgin material needed for the production of his light fixtures and furniture.
“There is such a thing as positive consumption,” Levin told ISRAEL21c. “I want to return a sense of environmental awareness to Israel.”

Can’t help but love the sentiment, and the lampshades don’t look half bad either.
“You’ll never believe what they’re doing with squash these days!”