[Edited] You may’ve noticed the ad in the sidebar for the People’s Choice Jewish Blog Awards reading: “Conservative Revolution; No leftist blog won; No support for concessions; The true Israeli public opinion.”
Yeah, sure, except for the fact that we were part of a JBlogosphere-wide boycott of IsraelForum.com’s running the Jewish and Israeli Blog Awards (JIBs), initiated by Chaim at Life-of-Rubin, who was so livid about the crookedness of IsraelForum.com, that he asked the entire JBlogosphere to snub the proceedings. Dave from IsraellyCool (who founded the awards) was so uncomfortable with the voting method that he told IsraelForum.com they could no longer use the JIBs name.
We didn’t even mention them here at Jewschool, let alone encourage our readers to nominate us and vote.
You can’t claim a conservative revolution when the liberal crowd is ignoring your existence.
Though I will admit, it is a very conservative thing to do…