A new Jewish magazine!! The Blue Jew Yorker, “Poems of Survival and Ecstasy” – under the editorship of one my favorite New York poets, a great performer and editor, Adam Shechter. The first issue’s theme is “Backwards as Upwards”. Please welcome the new-born into the world with shouting and tears! And eight days from today, tune your raw nerves for the cutting of its you know what. Mazaltov!
To whet your appetites, I’ll quote Adam’s own Full Frontal Judaism, a gland-ripping manifesto:

Mutter broken chants by the CD player, then
carry 3000 years like gym clothes in a messenger bag,
dragging around this forever internally skinny shaking Jew
and mumble panicked reminders, “You have a body, you have
a naturally organic occurring weapon, hands and feet, and teeth…..”
Most especially a body for rocking.
Yes, I can rock 5,000 years in the syntax of mind,
Special synaptic stones
to provide the proper leverage
to bow, swing, and moan.

Cross-dress-posted on Mima’amakim.