The JTA took notice of all the fanfare and gave it pretty thorough treatment today:

An essay that drew scant attention upon its publication is now fueling a growing debate over the contours of Israel advocacy in the United States and a furious backlash against alleged attempts in the Jewish community to stifle criticism of Israel.
“Progressive Jewish Thought and the New Anti-Semitism,” an essay by Indiana University professor Alvin Rosenfeld, accuses several prominent Jews — among them historian Tony Judt, playwright Tony Kushner and Washington Post columnist Richard Cohen — of fomenting anti-Semitism through excessive criticism of Israel.
The essay was largely ignored when it was released late last year, but a recent New York Times story about it has given new life to accusations that the organized Jewish community has no tolerance for criticism of Israel.
It also has galvanized “progressive” Jewish groups, who believe it is immoral to remain silent in the face of what they see as Israel’s mistreatment of the Palestinians.

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An interesting segment:

“I think it’s bogus, frankly, and unproductive to characterize my position as one that’s looking to stifle debate,” Rosenfeld told JTA. “I’m for vigorous debate at the highest levels and want it to continue.”

Right, Mr. Rosenfeld: Calling Jewish progressives psychologically unhinged and barely concealing their genocidal contempt for their fellow Jews, who “grotesquely” disgrace the Jewish people by daring to criticize Israeli policy — that’s vigorous debate at the highest levels. How more disingenuous could you possibly be? You threw mud. Now wallow in it.
Growing more and more relevant every day: