A new article circulated by AskMoses.com claims that being a vegetarian is supremely un-Jewish.
Rabbi Benjamin Blech (insert clever joke about last name here), in an article about Jewish food, makes a number of disturbing, shtupped-up slurs about vegetarians, and says that the Talmud says he can eat meat, so anyone who doesn’t is an asshole.
(As you can tell, I’m a little hyperactive about it.)
I kind of went off in a tizzy — started ranting about food, and Rambam and Rav Kook and Rav Kadouri, how the Arizal said that only a perfect tzadik has the ability to spiritually elevate meat, and then only on Shabbos. I’m not sure how objectively coherent I was (my post isn’t up yet), but I do feel a lingering sense of proudness at how much of a halachic argument I was able to make. Take that, formal yeshiva education!
In other news, I don’t really know why I know this: Anna Nicole, boruch dayan emes.