Maya Escobar bugs me out.
A “Guatemalan Jewish Interdisciplinary Artist,” Escobar has female Orthodox apologia down to a T.

She also nails the JAP with a monologue so infuriatingly vapid and unaware it’s as excruciating as the real-life experience.
These performances are part of a project she calls Acciones Plásticas:

In the series Acciones Plásticas, I created a multi-faceted “doll”, assuming the role of designer and distributor, and even posing as the actual doll itself. My product is “marketed” in five distinct styles: The Orthodox Jew©, The JAP©, The Chach©, The Sexy Latina©, and The Mayan©. Each doll is a satirical characterization of the many roles that have been projected upon me, and into which I have, to some extent, inevitably fallen.

You can watch the rest of the videos here.
She also makes shomer negiah panties. I wonder if she ever saw…