At the nexus of brand marketing and contemporary Torah Judaism you will find this blog, where I ask the question, “Who is Moshiach’s target market?”
Jewish tradition is replete with phrases regarding the generation to which Moshiach will come. The generation to experience the Messianic transition is to be “(brazen-)faced as a dog”, is to “thirst for the words of G-d”, and so on. Today, our classification systems are less likely to offer an animal analogy as they are to rely on psychographic, consumer research, or demographic data.
I proffer that Web 2.0, social networking, and social marketing — buzzwords which are becoming the lifeblood of the new marketing arenae — provide a uniquely pro-Messianic environment.
So who is Moshiach destined for? The collaborators, the individualists, or the workaholics? The “early adopters” or the “echo boomers”?
Baruch Hashem for BrandWeek.