Yeah, our parents had to deal with Jewish quotas at Ivy League schools, and we all heard rumors about Princeton, but it seems that in the Jewish state, our admissions offices have found a way to get back. Haaretz reports about a new policy at Tel Aviv University’s medical school. Beginning next year, the school will only admit students older than twenty.
Sounds like a bright policy, after all, according to the people at the medical school, medicine is a profession that requires maturity and experience in order to deal daily with patients. However, a quick look at the student population in Israel explains a lot. Most Jewish college students are at least twenty years old, having graduated high school and completed some form of national service. There are two significant populations that are younger in the universities, the Arab students, and those who are in a special army program called Atuda, where first you learn and then you serve. Not surprisingly, TAU’s new policy doesn’t affect those doing Atuda.
Perhaps most unfortunate is that the only ones complaining are the Arab MKs, and the Arab student committee at the school. Where is Meretz, where is Labor, where is the rest of Israel? Forget about them, where is the TAU student government that is constantly threatening to go on strike?