On Monday,

The Union for Reform Judaism’s Executive Committee […] overwhelmingly adopted a resolution opposing the escalation in troops in the War in Iraq and calling on President Bush to set and announce a specific timetable for the phased withdrawal of troops.
The vote of the 80-member Executive Committee, which includes representatives of the 900 Reform congregations and all affiliate bodies of the Movement, came 15 months after the Reform Movement’s vote to urge the President to begin the phased withdrawal of troops.

Read the full press release here. A PDF of the resolution is here.


Tomorrow, 3,500 Christian leaders from 48 states will gather in Washington, DC to pray for peace and to call for an end to the Iraq War. 700 are expected to risk arrest by staging a pray-in around the White House. More details at Christian Peace Witness for Iraq.
Now, if the URJ would get 3,500 Reform leaders to show up for an act of civil disobedience in DC…

Arthur Waskow looks at why North American Jewish organizations, by and large, are remaining mum on Iraq despite the overwhelming consensus within the Jewish community against the war.