Alright Jewish Press, I take it back. You never defended rabbinic sex offenders, you just (by your own admission) attacked their accusers, making no apology after they were vindicated. Rather, you ran this quote on the occasion of Kolko’s arrest (otherwise known as the sole occasion on which his case was even mentioned in your paper):

“I think a bunch of people are out to get him,” Aaron Tarnes, 30, a student at the yeshiva for 15 years, told The Daily News. “I’m disturbed to hear such things against such a wonderful man.”

G-d forbid, you should’ve investigated the allegations and done your jobs as journalists. Maybe you could’ve come away nominated for a journalism award, as New York Magazine was for their bang-up job on the topic. Rather, you sought to act as part of the spin machine that deflected attention from the issue by instead focusing on the ethics of making anonymous accusations (without acknowledging the threats made against those who had spoken out previously).
But after all, you made all those special pullout supplements so the community that didn’t want to hear about it could continue to comfortably bury their heads in the sand. And how could that possibly be seen as anything other than stridently pursuing the truth? How noble.
Finally, yes, it is true, you ran my sister’s op-ed on the subject. I’d forgotten entirely about that, and specifically, how shocked I was to see that you had actually run it. If I recall correctly, the entirety of my email to my sister in response to the publication of her op-ed was, “The Jewish Press?!”
So uh, yeah, gee… Sorry for that misunderstanding there. Why don’t you cry about it?
Dude, you’re a newspaper; we’re a weblog. You’re supposed to steal our leads and pretend we don’t exist, like the other Jewish papers do… Come on. You’re embarrassing yourselves.