In addition to Jewschool‘s series in which we argue over the mitzvot and Mah Rabu‘s fun with numbers, an assortment of other blogs are counting the omer daily, each with a different spin.

  • Counting the Omer is providing 49 different reasons (1 a day) to go vegetarian.
  • Every day, Counting the Amirs gives us another person or thing named Omer, Amir(a), etc.
  • Divah World, Life Cultivating Life, Crawling to Uman, and Blogshul are all focusing on the kabbalistic associations of each day of the omer, linking each day to a set of sefirot and writing related observations.
  • BeardFest07 is some guys who aren’t shaving during the omer and are posting periodic photographic updates.
  • And for a competely different count, here’s the Karaite perspective. The Karaites (like the Boethusians, well-known to Jewish calendar geeks) interpret “the day after the sabbath” (Leviticus 23:15) literally, to mean the day after Shabbat, so they start counting the omer on the Saturday night of Pesach, and Shavuot always comes out on Sunday. (Rabbinic Jews interpret “the sabbath” to mean the 1st day of Pesach, so they start counting the omer on the 2nd day of Pesach, whatever day of the week that is.)

Who else is blogging the omer?