Give it up for David Arfa, who’s pioneering the latest in do-it-yourself halacha l’maiseh. This is (or will be) the cover to MezuzaZine, which is going to be just what it sounds like — practical halachos, cool stories, trivia, and other mezuza-related writings and drawings. Although it should be as funky as can be, we’re planning to hold with a Traditional Halachic common denominator.
A brainstorm of topics:

  • Basic Halacha of putting up a mezuza and which doorposts need them and which do not
  • D.I.Y. mezuza case… just add a shin
  • Where to find Kosher mezuza scrolls
  • Something mystical or deeper meanings
  • Interview with a Sofer
  • Funny PSA style advertisements with pictures of homes, Jews, and their mezuza choices

feel free to share ideas! send submissions and questions to mezuzazine at