IHT reports,

As a first-time author, Margaret Ajemian Ahnert hoped that her appearance at a Barnes & Noble store here would draw attention to her new book, “The Knock at the Door,” which deals with the Armenian genocide.
Her reading and question-and-answer session Tuesday drew attention, to be sure, but not the kind she expected.
A man in the audience was arrested after he and several other people disrupted the reading by shouting and passing out leaflets denying that the genocide occurred. Ahnert’s 209-page book tells, among other things, how her mother survived the genocide as a teenager during World War I and eventually came to the United States.
[…] “Someone in the middle of the back of the room stood up and said, ‘That’s not so,’ ” Ahnert said. “Five or six men started to pass out fliers of denial. I thought, oh, my goodness sakes, it’s like Holocaust deniers. I was completely taken aback.”
Mary Occhino, who was in the audience, said some of the people were shouting, “This is a lie, this is a lie, this never happened.”

If the leadership of the North American Jewish community finds this sort of behavior acceptable, then Ernst Zundel may as well go free tomorrow.
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