As any daily comics fan knows (and I know, there are precious few of us), there’s one Jewish daily comic: Edge City. It’s not always funny, but you can always count on it for instant cultural/religious identity fixes. The family celebrates Shabbos, Passover, and the wonders of chicken soup. Anyway, writer Terry LaBan has an interview up on comicbookresources where he discusses the strip, and his fixation on the Jewish religion (surprise, surprise, he’s Jewish himself).

We feel a certain impetus to put out a more positive and interesting picture of Jewish life than we usually see. While Jews are often depicted in the media, it’s usually in the form of dated and mildly-offensive stereotypes, and we hardly ever see Jewish rituals portrayed as anything but tiresome and embarrassing. This isn’t a result of anti-Semitism — most of this stuff is written by Jews. But it’s not what we experience.