So, today, my esteemed rabbi, Rav Avraham Ga’on, shlit”a, whose seal of approval appears on my sefira- and Three Weeks-friendly album “Count It”, made his debut on YouTube. His yeshiva, Yeshiva Etzion sponsored a “post-Lag ba’Omer BBQ and Drum Circle”, which you see here.

While it took them a while to get the video online, it was most certainly worth the wait.
Very few frum rabbis sponsor drum circles. Then again, this is not your average rabbi. (Please note the argeela.)
I’m sure all those who attended, as well as R’ Shimon bar Yochai, ztvk”l, received much nachat ruach from the event. Big ups to my rav, and to all dati/charedi rabbanim with forward-thinking yeshiva programming.