We’ve all seen it already, right?
Well, West Bank-based blogger Yisrael Medad hadn’t. And even if he had, he apparently wouldn’t have gotten the joke. Which is cool and all — you wouldn’t normally expect an Orthodox religious settler to get all that D.C. politico insider baseball. Guys like Medad usually have other areas of expertise, like say, halakhic proofs legitimizing ethnic cleansing.
At any rate, in a nod to the brilliance of said video, Wonkette’s been on a roll with a tongue-in-cheek if mildly disconcerting branding of Rudy as “Jew-liani” in various posts to their blog. If anything, Medad should have accused Wonkette of serving that dish far past its expiration date. What was that, a month ago guys?
But instead, being unfamiliar with both the video and Wonkette’s naughty charm, Medad wheeled out the antisemitism charge, setting off a round of denunciations throughout the right-wing blogosphere.
Wonkette editor Ken Layne responded in poor fashion, going so far as to allude to taking possible legal action against Medad. He later followed up with a retraction and cited an inbox full of Lizard Freeper hatemail as the source of his outrage. Being familiar with the experience, I can empathize.
I wonder, had Jon Stewart made the same joke, would Medad have reacted in the same way?
If Medad really wants to go after an antisemitic website, he should investigate why it is that every time I post a comment to this article on Digg challenging Reagan-era economist Paul Craig Roberts’ assertion that the Mossad is conspiring with Bush to fake terror attacks in America, it gets voted out of existence.