According to a new study (full disclosure: I co-authored it), younger Jews, pretty much across the board, express a weaker sense of attachment to Israel than do their elders. Pretty much every measure that we looked at revealed a similar pattern of dis-connection.
older = more attached to Israel
younger = less attached to Israel
To explain: Disconnection or disidentification are not the same thing as criticism, which is to say that people critical of Israel’s politcs might score rather high according to their levels of attachment and identification.
For Jewschool’s purposes and primary interests, there are two things worth noting here:
1. There is no correlation between political orientation and connection to Israel. Identifying one’s self as “conservative” or “liberal” did not translate into a marked difference in one’s sense of connection to Israel.
2. Obviously, there are lots of factors that count when calculating this stuff, but one that remains most interesting and strong is the ongoing production of authentic, thoughtful, rich Jewish life that does not require or revolve around the State of Israel.
Check the full report here.