For all you out there in the “Maybe Rabbis Club,” as my friends and I affectionately titled it (I left the club a few years later to join the “Future Rabbis Club”), now is the time to check out Hebrew College Rabbinical School.


I know I’ve written a little about the school and what we do, and I have a post I need to write about Art Green’s amazing convocation speech [you can listen to him talk about kabbalah on NPR’s Fresh Air here], but here’s the deal: Hebrew College Rabbinical School is where the jam is. Seriously.
And for those of you contemplating service as your life path, but who might be nervous about lacking denominational affiliation, joining a new endeavor, job prospects, blah blah blah all the things I thought meant I couldn’t apply to Hebrew College, think again. It took major pushing from my mentor (you can see us celebrating her installation as Dean of the Rabbinical School below) to get me to apply, and now I couldn’t imagine going anywhere else to prepare myself to be a revolutionary in the empowerment-based, text-saavy, joyful, meaningful, creative, independent Jewish future I (and I suspect many of us) are working to build.
“What does a transdenominational rabbinical school look like?” many people wonder. It’s surprisingly simple. For those of us who have ever been to a pluiralistic Jewish retreat, gathering, or celebration, it looks like that. Period. People come, we learn together, we argue, we challenge, we try new things, and we are challenged to define our own spiritual and professional paths not according to denominational dogma but according to our own searching, through intensive education and with mentors and teachers from all backgrounds. It looks like any pluralistic day school, or yeshiva, or retreat. It looks like Limmud, it looks like National Havurah Institute, it looks like Jews in the Woods. Except all year long. And with common mission among students to change the world for the better and to bring about a new kind of Jewish communal life.
See for yourself. Come and learn with us, sing with us, pray with us, share with us.

Details on the flip.

Ta Sh’ma
Prospective Rabbinical Student Retreat at Hebrew College, Nov. 1–4
Please join the students and faculty of the Rabbinical School of Hebrew College for Ta Sh’ma, Thursday, November 1–Sunday, November 4. Come study, pray, celebrate and experience the vibrant community of our transdenominational rabbinical school, under the leadership of Dr. Art Green.
Our retreat begins Thursday morning at 7:45 a.m. with tefilah, followed by an opportunity to sit in on classes and to meet our students and faculty. You’ll enjoy a meaningful Shabbat of uplifting prayer, song and inspiring study with Rabbi Sharon Cohen Anisfeld, Dean of the Rabbinical School. Our program concludes Sunday at 12:00 p.m. after a morning information session.
For details and to register, click here or contact Rabbi Sara Zacharia, szacharia at