Michael Showalter & CatTo promote his new album Sandwiches & Cats, Michael Showalter is doing a pseudo tour of various blogs like ours, and we’re fortunate enough to have him pop by here. (he also popped by Stereogum where he dropped this aaaaamazing video of revealing his hidden musical joys – Dave Matthews need hide no more.) Enjoy. – biz
My name is Michael Showalter. I am a comedian. I did a TV show on MTV in the mid-90’s called The State and then a movie called Wet Hot American Summer and then another movie called The Baxter and then another TV show called Stella. That’s my resume. I have a record coming out today called “Sandwiches & Cats.” It’s on the label JDub Records.
Alot of people ask me why I decided to a comedy record and I tell them it’s because I thought it was about time that a Jewish person made a comedy record. I mean, to my knowledge I’m the first Jewish comedian. And I’m definitely the first one to make a comedy record. Mostly, Jewish people are known for being professional football players and country music stars but not comedians. I mean I guess there’s a few Jewish comedians: Jerry Seinfeld, Woody Allen, Adam Sandler, Gilda Radner, Henny Youngman, Shecky Green, Lenny Bruce, Billy Crystal, Larry David, Andy Samberg, virtually all of the Borsht Belt comedians, most of the Vaudeville comedians, Judy Gold, Mort Sahl, Rita Rudner, Jerry Lewis, Jon Stewart, Sarah Silverman, Richard Lewis, Mel Brooks, Albert Brooks, Rodney Dangerfield, Al Franken, Jeff Garlin, David Brenner, Lewis Black, Sandra Bernhard, Milton Berle, Jack Benny, Dave Attel, David Cross, Robert Klein, Marc Maron, Jackie Mason, Paul Reiser, Don Rickles, Alan King, Ben Stiller, and Roseanne Barr.
Other than that list of small fries, I can’t really think of any. Hopefully, my comedy record “Sandwiches & Cats” can put Jewish people back on the map in the world of comedy. We should be known as more than just professional football players and country music stars. Someone needs to do it and I’m up to the task.
Click more for a recent video clip from the show.