… like pastrami. And placemats.
And those letters. The ones where Aleph and Samech become the N and D in 2nd Ave Deli.
So much has been written about the return, about Deli whiz-kid Jeremy Lebewohl taking over the family business, about the lines around the block. Me, I’m going to wait to do a full review for a few more weeks, give em a chance to get up and running (as I would any restaurant). This is just coming from a random New York Jew right now.
It’s wonderful to have it back. Yes, the place has half the seats, the line is as crazy as I’ve ever seen it (even on several Christmas days), and they were out of potato pierogies and gribenes (mmm, fried chicken skins) by 2pm. And yes, it’s on 33rd St by 3rd Avenue. But to have that soup, those latkes and fries, and fried onions so sweet you could eat them like candy (and I needed three sides of them with my latkes and half pastrami/matzo ball combo), to have that back in New York, with so many of the staff faces i recognized (not even a regular, probably, at most, went 6-12 times a year)… it was like Christmastime for the Jews. And in a city where everyone’s a little bit Jewish, we all got pastrami in our stockings this year. What, you’re veggie? Hmmm, uh, mushroom barley soup, then?
Good luck Jeremy. We’re rooting for you.
Welcome home.