According to a study by the Israeli Masorti movement,…well, maybe you should see for yourself:

According to survey conducted by Masorti Movement in Israel, 87% of public support gender equality, but only 24% of seculars would attend synagogue more often if partitions separating men and women were removed…
Eighty-seven percent of the public believe that nominal gender equality is entirely justified, and 54% claim that Jewish tradition discriminates against women….39% are of the opinion that discrimination doesn’t exist, and another 4% claim that Judaism holds women above men.
Meanwhile, 24% of seculars and 18% of ‘traditional’ Israelis said that eliminating the gender barrier in places of worship would in fact make them more likely to attend prayer services.

OK: Not startling: gender inequality exists; startling: gender inequality doesn’t exist; not startling: most Israelis support gender equality, also not startling: only in theory. startling: the Masorti movement bothered with this study at all. What is it supposed to tell us, exactly?
I suppose the idea is to show that there’s a whole group of people out there for whom Masorti would be a godsend – and IMO, Masorti is making great strides among the Israeli and immigrant populations it Israel, but were they thinking that this would get the government to take them more seriously, or send money, or even help them fight off the more egregious exclusions of the hegemony in Israel?
Well, all the same, good luck!